Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Purgatory Project: Masses for Souls in Purgatory

"The Purgatory Project exists to aid the souls in purgatory. Anyone can register the names of people who have died. Registering them here will help them. It is not hard to help these souls, it costs you no money and it is a very good and important thing to do.

"The goal is to get all registered souls released from purgatory as quickly as possible. Those souls which are not released immediately will still be helped because they will be elevated to a greater degree of purification and will have to endure less suffering in purgatory.

"The main benefit the souls will receive is the priceless value of hundreds of Masses being said each year for "all souls registered in the Purgatory Project". You are invited to join in with fasting and Mass intentions to the extent you are able - but you don't have too. However your own prayers and offerings are very important to the success of the prayers we are offering for your registered souls. The more prayer power we can gather the better !!

"Please register as many souls as you wish. There is no limit. Many people register one soul. A few people have single handedly registered several thousand souls. But the main thing is that Any and All Souls are welcome here !!

"We are equally thankful to each of you who register souls, whether it is one special soul or hundreds of special souls, they are all infinitely valuable and worthwhile to Our Lord who shed His Precious Blood for each of them.There is a firm and holy intention of continuing the Purgatory Project for many years to come. This is not a flash in the pan. Please come back often - and fast and pray with us as you are able - this is very holy and important work and we are totally committed to it. "

~ From the Purgatory Project: Register deceased souls here. ~

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Anonymous said...

I always list here all the souls of my departed family members, relatives, friends, benefactors, acquaintances and all those forgotten souls. Thanks be to God for this project.