Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fr. John Bartunek: Identifying Your Root Sin

Fr. John Bartunek has written an excellent post about identifying your root sin--available in its entirety on the Catholic Spiritual Direction blog:

"Unless we understand the dynamism underlying our frequent faults and failings, we will never be able to work intelligently to overcome them. It’s like gardening. If you want to get rid of the weeds, you can't just pull out the stems; you have to get at the roots. Otherwise, progress is short-lived and unsubstantial, and sooner or later discouragement and frustration set in."

"Again, it is important to realize that we each have tendencies that spring from pride, vanity, and sensuality. None of us is exempt from any of them, because we all have inherited a fallen human nature. But in each of us, one of the three is usually dominant. If we can identify which one, we can better aim our efforts to grow spiritually; we can strive to develop the virtues that counteract the cause, the root, of our falls and faults. We can identify this root sin, also called “dominant defect” by some spiritual writers, by looking at the common manifestations of each. The manifestations which are strongest in your life can clue you in to your root sin."

~ Fr. John Bartunek, LC, STL: Excerpts from How Can I Identify My Root Sin? ~

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