Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blessed Dina Belanger: Indulgences for Souls in Purgatory

Our Lord requested of Blessed Dina Belanger a particular intention for each day of the week: reparation, thanksgiving, for her Congregation, for religious vocations, for consecrated souls, for all souls, for sacerdotal souls. She found it strange that He said nothing about the souls in Purgatory so she asked Him:

"My Jesus, in Thy intentions for each day of the week, Thou dost not mention the souls in Purgatory?"

Jesus replied:

"The souls in Purgatory have their share in each of your days. By the offering of Indulgences which you make every morning My holy Mother applies to them, according to her choice, the merit of your prayers and works. You have no other merits than through My merits, but My merits are infinite, inexhaustible. The intentions of each day of your week take nothing away from the souls in Purgatory who are so dear to Me. My merits can be applied to them and to the special intentions of each of your days."

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