Monday, August 16, 2010

Fr. William Doyle: Blessed Place of Purifying Fire

"From the cleansing fires of purgatory ascends the gentle pleading of the imprisoned souls, God's own dear captives, to us for help and mercy. The burning flames envelop them, but far more bitter, far more painful is the remembrance of their sinful deeds which have offended Him Whose love they now know so well. Gladly do they turn from His loving though offended gaze, and hasten to bury themselves and their shame deep in that blessed place of purifying fire. Well do they know now the foulness of sin, its black ingratitude towards their only true Friend, and gladly do they suffer now to atone for a life which was spent without love of Him.

"At last the hour of their release has come. God's justice is satisfied, their souls are purified in the fiery crucible. Swiftly to the place of suffering and banishment the faithful angel guardian speeds his way. How eagerly has he longed for this hour when he may bear his loving charge safely to its home of bliss to rest for ever in the bosom of Jesus! Long ago when yet that soul was an exile on this earth has he thought of this moment. Each fresh act of virtue, each victory over temptation, gave him joy; and when that soul fell, when Satan claimed it as his own, how earnestly that angel spirit pleaded for the erring soul and won it back to grace and God. "

~ Excerpt from A Year's Thoughts: Collected From the Writings of Father William Doyle, S.J. ~

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Anne said...

This is so beautiful and moving, thank you for sharing it. I love your Blog and I see you as my 'Spiritual Mother' each day you enhance and encourage my life. Saint Philip Neri said Heaven is not for cowards.

Pat Kenny said...

Many thanks for the links to the Remembering Fr Doyle blog; keep up your own good work!!