Sunday, August 1, 2010

What Heaven Is Like

"I am going to try to make you understand, as far as you can upon earth, what Heaven is like. There are ever new feasts which succeed each other without interruption. There is happiness, always new and such, it would seem, as has never been enjoyed. It is a torrent of joy which flows unceasingly over the elect. Heaven is above all and beyond all — GOD: God loved, God relished, God delighted in; in one word, it is to be satisfied with God without ever being satisfied!

"The more a soul loves God on earth, the higher she advances in perfection, the more she will love and understand God in Heaven."

"All things pass and pass quickly. Do not fret so much about things that will end one day. Aim at what will never end. By our holy actions united to Jesus, let us embellish our heavenly throne. Let us raise it up a few steps nearer to Him whom we shall contemplate and love throughout eternity."

~ Sr. M.G., a deceased nun: Excerpts from An Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory ~

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