Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blessed James Alberione: What is Heaven Worth?

"Heaven is worth giving up everything to gain. 
We ought to relinquish everything to gain everything.
Heaven is always a bargain, no matter what it costs.
Our days are valuable in proportion to what they earn for eternity."

~ Blessed James Alberione ~


Sr. Helena Burns, fsp said...

Thank you for quoting our beloved Founder, Blessed James Alberione!
His favorite subject to preach on was the Last Things! I'm working on a documentary on his life: www.MediaApostle.com
God bless you!
Sr. Helena Burns, fsp
(Daughters of St. Paul)

one grateful heart said...

Thank you, Sister. I am just learning about Blessed Alberione and look forward to your documentary. I will pass the word about it and will include links on my blogs along with other quotes as I can find them. Can you tell me a good source for quotes that I would be free to use? Thanks and God bless you!