Friday, January 28, 2011

Cardinal Francis Xavier Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan: 10 Rules of Life

“In our country there is a saying: ‘A day in prison is worth a thousand autumns of freedom.' I myself experienced this. While in prison, everyone waits for freedom, every day, every minute. We must live each day, each minute of our life as though it is the last.”

~ Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan ~

Ten Rules of Life of Nguyễn Văn Thuận

I will live the present moment to the fullest.
I will discern between God and God’s works.
I will hold firmly to one secret: prayer.
I will see in the Holy Eucharist my only power.
I will have only one wisdom: the science of the Cross.
I will remain faithful to my mission in the Church and for the Church as a witness of Jesus Christ.
I will seek the peace the world cannot give.
I will carry out a revolution by renewal in the Holy Spirit.
I will speak one language and wear one uniform: Charity.
I will have one very special love: The Blessed Virgin Mary.

This documentary explores the life of the heroic spiritual leader of Vietnam, Cardinal Van Thuan, who despite thirteen years in a brutal Communist prison, nine of which were in solitary confinement, became a powerful prophet of hope. The powerful film traces the history of Thuan from his privileged upbringing in a powerful political family to decades of war, betrayal and imprisonment—when he would celebrate Mass in secret with three drops of wine in the palm of his hand and the host smuggled inside a flashlight by his faithful. Featuring interviews with those who knew him best, never before seen family videos, and rare archival footage, "Road of Hope" offers an unprecedented glimpse into the life of a modern day martyr and saint.

Available from Ignatius Press. Call 1-800-651-1531 or go to to order.

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