Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our Lady of Good Success Messages: The Divine Infant's Revelation on Purgatory

"Mother Francisca of the Angels, my faithful spouse who secretly bears my wounds...will end her earthly life to enter eternity on the fourth day of October at five o'clock in the evening.  Only eight months of her pilgrimage remain, and then, Heaven.  She will not even see Purgatory.

"But in order to cleanse her from the dust of the road, for three months...she will suffer indescribable torments of soul and temptations of every kind against all the virtues, the most difficult being those against Faith...

"During this period of great affliction for My beloved spouse, I will enrich her soul with great merits.  For when I give some souls who are beloved of My Heart their purgatory while they yet live in mortal life, it is so that this purification may be accompanied by merits, which cannot be accrued in the place of expiation outside of mortal life, where souls make amends for the faults they committed without acquiring the least personal merit.  They suffer, like indigent beggars, awaiting the charity of the intercessory prayers of the Church Militant.

" have, before your eyes this city of fire, suffering, and pain, filled with countless number of souls of every age, sex, condition, and state of life, suffering what is incomprehensible to mortals.  But since they are souls already confirmed in grace, they possess an admirable peace, resignation, and patience, and give glory to God.  Their greatest suffering results from their supernatural love for their God and Lord and their great desire to contemplate Him in Heaven, but they must remain far from His company."

Raising her eyes, the holy Spanish religious saw this city inhabited by a multitude of souls afflicted by indescribable torments.  With loud voices, they implored her prayers, penances, and intercession.  Her compassionate heart felt great pity for these suffering souls, and she promised them that in the little time that still remained to her on earth, she would do all that she could to alleviate their pains and help as many as possible to enter Heaven. 

~ The Divine Infant Speaks to Mother Mariana and shows her a vision of Purgatory ~ 
Excerpts from The Admirable Life of Madre Mariana de Jesus Torres, Volume II  
by Fr. Manuel Sousa Pereira

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