Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fr. William Doyle: Hell--Motivation for Living Each Moment Perfectly

I can imagine I am a soul in hell,
and God in His mercy is saying to me,
" Return to the world for this year
and on your manner of life during the year
will depend your returning to hell or not."
What a life I should lead !
How little I should think of suffering, of mortification !
How I would rejoice in suffering !
How perfectly each moment would be spent !
If God treated me as I deserved, I should be in hell now.
Shall I ever again have cause for grumbling or complaining,
no matter what may happen ?
My habit of constantly speaking uncharitably of others,
and, in general, faults of the tongue,
seem to me the chief reason why I derive so little fruit from my Mass and spiritual duties.
Nothing dries up the
fountains of grace so much as an affection for sin.

~ Fr. William Doyle ~


Anne said...

That's so beautiful and heart warming. Thank you so much.

one grateful heart said...

Anne, thanks for the encouraging words!