Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jesus Reveals to Sr. Consolata Betrone How Free Will Sends Souls to Hell

"Believe Me, Consolata, into hell go only those who really wish to go there; for though no one can snatch a soul from Me, the soul may , through the free will granted her, flee from Me, may betray Me, deny Me, and so go to Satan of her own volition."

"You see, final impenitence is found only in a soul who purposely wishes to go to hell and therefore obstinately refuses My mercy, for I never refuse to pardon anyone!  I offer the gift of My immense compassion to all, for My Blood was shed for all, for all!  No, it is not the multiplicity of sins which condemns a soul, for I forgive everything if she repents, but it is the obstinacy of not wishing to be pardoned, of wishing to be damned.  Dismas on the cross had only one single act of faith in Me, but many, many sins;  he was pardoned in an instant, however, and on the very day of his repentance he entered into My kingdom and is a saint!  Behold the triumph of My mercy and of faith in Me!"

excerpts from Jesus Appeals to the World by Fr. Lorenzo Sales, I.M.C.~


Anonymous said...

The Littlest Way of love needs more followers.

See books by Fr Lorenzo Sales "Jesus Appeals to the World" and "The Littlest Way of Love". Both available in English from the nuns in Turin, Italy.

Waste no time. For the salvation of mankind!!

"Jesus, Mary, I love you, Save Souls"

lover of Jesus and Mary said...

You might be drawn to being an oblate. See our group of littlest souls on Facebook: Sister Consolata Betrone: Jesus Mary I love you, save souls.