Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Father Paul of Moll: Gratitude of Souls in Purgatory

"The souls in purgatory had a great comforter in Father Paul. 'One day,' he told us, I was very sick in my cell, and leaning with my elbow on the back of my chair, I heard quite close to me, groans and lamentations. I turned around and beheld a soul enveloped in flames and completely tied up with chains. This soul asked me to remember her in my prayers, and especially in the holy sacrifice of the Mass. I said to her, 'Pray for me; I shall pray for you.' At that very instant the soul disappeared and I found myself cured. Shortly afterwards this soul was released and came to thank me.' "

A merchant was on the point of having recourse to a banker, but he thought it best to consult Father Paul first. For my part," he replied, I would rather address myself to the souls in purgatory than the banker, for these souls are always grateful when we pray for their release, and they then obtain from God all we ask and even more."
~ Excerpts from Father Paul of Moll ~
by Edward van Speybrouck, Tan Books and Publishers ~

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