Tuesday, January 19, 2010

St. Nicholas of Tolentino: Patron of Helpers of the Holy Souls Apostolate

"The heavens are not pure in the sight of Him Whom I serve;
how then shall I, a sinful man, stand before Him?"

~ Saint Nicholas of Tolentino ~

The Helpers of the Holy Souls is another worthy apostolate dedicated to helping the Souls in Purgatory. From their website we learn:

"Our primary aim is to have Masses, said by Priests, every day of the year for the Holy Souls. The Patron Saint of our Apostolate is Saint Nicholas of Tolentino; known as one of the great apostles of the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

"Our secondary aim is share our apostolate with others who have a desire to replicate what we are doing. They specifically include:

"◦How to go about gathering monthly collections to have Masses said for the Holy Souls on a regular basis and
◦Establishing new Purgatory Prayer Programs in the United States using our complimentary Prayer Packs if you want."

Their website includes the following information about their patron, St. Nicholas:

On a certain Saturday night while he lay in bed, St. Nicholas heard the voice of someone, a deceased friar who St. Nicholas had known. The friar revealed that he was in Purgatory and begged Nicholas to offer Mass for him and many other suffering souls so that they might be set free from their sorrows. Nicholas offered the Mass for them, with permission, all that week. At the end of that week his friend Friar Pellegrino appeared to him once again with gratitude for the great favor he had done and the assurance that a great number of the persons he had seen were now enjoying the presence of God.

On another day, St. Nicholas was in Church lighting a lamp before the Blessed Sacrament. A loud voice suddenly called to him. Nicholas was startled. Thinking it was the devil who wished to tempt him as he so often did, instead, it was his own blood brother, Gentile, who had died two weeks previously and now was informing him that a great miracle had occurred: The greatest of all miracles. The salvation of his soul. "Do not doubt, Nicholas, I am your brother, Gentile. Your prayers and your acts of penance have saved my soul from certain damnation."
( St. Nicholas of Tolentino by Michael DiGregorio, page 24-25, 2004, by Alba House)

~ To learn more about helping the Holy Souls, click here. ~

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