Saturday, January 30, 2010

Holy Mass: Most Effective Aid for Souls in Purgatory

Once during the celebration of Holy Mass in the Church of St. Paul at Tre Fontane near Rome, St. Bernard saw an unending stairway which led up to Heaven. By means of it very many angels ascended and descended, carrying from Purgatory to Paradise souls freed by the Sacrifice of Jesus—a Sacrifice renewed by priests on altars all over the world.

Hence on the occasion of the death of a relative, we should place much more importance in having Holy Masses celebrated and hearing them, than in selecting sprays of flowers, finding dark funeral attire, or arranging the funeral cort├Ęge. St. John Bosco said that the "Holy Sacrifice of the Mass" is what "benefits the poor souls in Purgatory; in fact, it is the most effective means of relieving those souls in their sufferings, of shortening the time of their exile and of bringing them sooner into the blessed kingdom."

~ Fr. Stephano Manelli, F.I., Jesus Our Eucharistic Love ~


Peter said...

Given the history of the Church Militant I am convinced of the efficacy of Mass for the Holy Suffering Souls in Purgatory. Upon my mother's death I had a series of thirty Gregorian Masses said for each of my deceased parents. In our faith there is no higher glory given to God then the celebration of Mass, for in Mass we offer ourselves to God and he offers himself to us. What greater love exists? May we poor in spirit be worthy of the promises of Christ. Lord have mercy.

one grateful heart said...

Peter, thank you for your comment. I always have Masses said for deceased relatives and friends at the time of their funerals rather than flowers that will quickly die. I know that is what I would want when my time comes--the more the better! The Gregorian Masses are certainly the most to be desired--30 days in a row of Masses for one particular soul.