Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Msgr. Charles Pope: Get Ready to Meet God!

"You are going to die. What are you and I doing to get ready to meet God? Too many people today are not coming to God's house...I exhort you to be ready to meet God...too many people today...are not praying. They're just goofing off, laughing their way through life--like everything's a big joke. They don't pray. They don't trust God. They're not in church on Sunday. They're in serious mortal sin, and they think they're going to be ready to meet God, and it does not work that way...Pray every day...be in church every Sunday...pray the Scriptures every day...repent...do not delay your conversion...do not go on calling good what God calls sinful...all of us need to renew our committment to Jesus Christ...none of us walk our Christian path perfectly...remember, you're going to meet God!"
~ Msgr. Charles Pope, from his video, Excerpt of Funeral Sermon ~

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