Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fr. Paul of Moll: Purgatory for a Materialistic Soul

Father Paul said to a Young Lady who came to visit him, "A very heavy cross is in store for you....Are you not afraid of it?" ' Oh, well," she replied, "it will probably not be so heavy when it comes." "Ah, but it will, and you will groan under the weight of it. But come afterwards, and I will help you to carry it."

A few weeks later her brother-in-law committed suicide, and all the relatives were overwhelmed with grief. Remembering Father Paul's invitation the young lady returned to the monastery, and the Rev. Father gave her some reasuring information concerning the state of the soul of the deceased, saying, Your brother-in-law committed suicide in a fit of fever and was not responsible. He was very good to his wife and children and was beloved by them; but all his thoughts were centered on the material things of the world, he never thought of the future of his soul which is now in the depths of purgatory. You must pray a great deal for him." Then Father Paul went over the whole life of the deceased, as if he had followed his career step by step.

~ Excerpts from Father Paul of Moll ~
by Edward van Speybrouck, Tan Books and Publishers

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