Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bishop Robert Morlino: The Communion of Saints at Mass

"We should be mindful of the mystery of the communion of saints and remember that we live out that communion most especially at the Mass. When we get to the moment of the great Eucharistic Prayer and we are invited to “lift up our hearts,” that means we are going mystically to heaven. Through the liturgy of the Church, the Holy Spirit reminds us of all the truth about Jesus. And at the Mass we are lifted mystically up to heaven and there we are with the Lord, with Mary, the Queen of all Saints, with Joseph, with all of the Apostles, and the martyrs, and the angels...

"What reverence should overtake us during the Eucharistic prayer! We should be overcome with reverence because, in a mystical way, we get to be right there with the saints in heaven and, very importantly too, we get to be with all the souls in purgatory.

"November is the month of the holy souls and we should remember that the closest we can come to our loved ones who have died, the closest that I can come to my mother and father, to my grandparents, to all my family members and good friends who have died, the closest that I can get to them, to be one with them in prayer is at Mass! Our faith in this mystery is indicated in those few words, “I believe in the communion of saints.” Mass is a Holy place to be..."

~ Bishop Robert Morlino, from Importance of the Communion of Saints ~

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