Monday, April 26, 2010

True Sanctity

"True sanctity consists in
renouncing oneself from morning to night,
in being a living sacrifice,
in constantly putting aside the human self,
in allowing God to work in and with you as He pleases,
to receive the graces He sends you with profound humility,
recognizing yourself quite unworthy of them,
to live as constantly as possible in the Divine Presence,
to perform all your actions under the eye of God,
wanting Him only to be the witness of your efforts and your only reward.
This is the sanctity wished for and demanded by Jesus
of all those who desire to be His only and to live His life.
All the rest is pure illusion."


Anne said...

Wow, this is strong. One needs to work ardently and relentlessly on oneself. Some challenge. Thank you for this piece. Sanctity is not about a warm fuzzy feeling its heroic virtue or nothing.
God Bless you always.

Anne said...

What ill or evil, Lord, can harm
This joyous heart that You alone can charm?
I love You more with every breath,
So how can I fear life or death?
To love You, Father, is to live and sing
The songs the angels sing their King.
God alone in every cell of me!
God alone! For all eternity!

A poem by St. Louis Marie de Montfort