Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Poor Souls to St. Faustina: "Do the Will of God."

"In the evening, when I was walking in the garden saying my rosary and came to the cemetery, I opened the gate a little and began to pray for a while, and I asked them interiorly, ‘You are very happy are you not?’ Then I heard the words, ‘We are happy in the measure that we have fulfilled God’s will’ – and then silence as before. I became introspective and reflected for a long time on how I am fulfilling God’s will and how I am profiting from the time that God has given me." (Diary, 515)

"On the evening of that same day, when I had already gone to bed, a certain soul came to me, woke me up by tapping on the night table and asked me to pray for her. I wanted to ask who she was, but I mortified my curiosity and joined this little mortification to my prayer and offered them for her." (Diary, 516)

"Before All Souls’ Day, I went to the cemetery at dusk. Although it was locked I managed to open the gate a bit and said, ‘If you need something, my dear little souls, I will be glad to help you to the extent that the rule permits me.’ I then heard these words, ‘Do the will of God. We are happy in the measure that we have fulfilled God’s will.’" (Diary, 518)

~ St. Maria Faustina ~

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