Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Introduction to Grateful for Purgatory

I do not believe it was my idea to start a new blog about Purgatory. I have plenty to keep me busy without adding another blog to my schedule; but since I believe it was the Holy Spirit who inspired me, how could I say no. I also believe it was the Holy Spirit who gave me the name for the blog. My initial reaction about starting the blog was that I wouldn't even know what to name a blog about Purgatory. When Grateful for Purgatory came to mind, I was hesitant to use it, thinking most people wouldn't understand why anyone would choose such a name. However, the more I thought about it and prayed about it--the more appropriate the name seemed to be.

I realize that Purgatory is not a popular topic and not likely to attract many readers. Even among Catholics who are supposed to believe in Purgatory, there is disinterest, and even disbelief, in the reality and necessity of a period of purification for most people before entering Heaven.

Today I happened upon a website where a writer gave all his arguments against the Catholic Church's teaching on Purgatory and expressed pity for poor misled Catholics who live in dread of death because of the fear of Purgatory, instead of the anticipated bliss of immediately seeing God after death--supposedly enjoyed by people of other religions.

Considering that the Word of God says that souls have to be perfectly pure before entering Heaven, I am grateful that God, in His merciful love, provides a place for purification instead of sending those that are not perfectly pure straight to Hell. If we are honest about it, how many people do we know (including ourselves) who are likely to have made sufficient reparation for their sins. I am grateful that God has provided, through the Catholic Church, the Sacraments to help in our purification while on earth and indulgences to help us pay our debt to God, offended by our sins.

I hope and pray to make reparation for my sins while on earth so I can bypass Purgatory when my soul leaves my dead body; BUT if I am not so blessed, I am extremely grateful that there is a place of temporary purification instead of automatic eternal damnation. I am grateful that God has provided that if I am in Purgatory the people of the Church Militant can help pay my debt and obtain my release. I am grateful that I can aid my most loved ones and other souls in Purgatory who are in need of help.

I will follow the Holy Spirit's lead about what to post on this blog. Even if no one ever reads it, I can be content that I was faithful to what He asked of me. May this blog achieve whatever it is that the Holy Spirit wants to accomplish.


plc said...

I am GRATEFUL for this blog! :) Thank you for your honest and logical reason for creating this blog. May you be abundantly blessed for helping to educate so many and to remind all of us to pray more for those who have died!

one grateful heart said...

Thank you for the encouragement! May God be praised now and forever!