Saturday, November 21, 2009

Prayer to Mary for Souls in Purgatory


Those languishing in Purgatory,
who are purified in a fire beyond measure,
and are tormented in grevious suffering,
may your compassion relieve: O Mary!

You are the clear fountain that washes sins away,
you assist all and reject none;
extend your hand to the dead,
who languish under continual pains: O Mary!

The dead piously sigh unto you,
longing to be delivered from their pains,
and to be present in your sight,
and fully to enjoy eternal joys: O Mary!

Hasten, O Mother, to those lamenting,
show your Heart of mercy;
obtain that Jesus by his wounds
may vouchsafe to heal them: O Mary!

You the true hope of those crying out to you;
the multitude of members cry out to you
for their brethren, that you may appease your Son,
and he may give them the heavenly reward: O Mary!

Impart those tears that you consider good things,
which we pour out at the feet of the Judge;
may they now extinguish the might of the avenging fire,
that (the dead) may be joined to the angelic choirs: O Mary!

And when the just examination shall take place,
at the awesome judgment of God,
entreat your Son judging,
that our portion may be with the saints: O Mary!

From Magnificat, November 2007
Translated from Latin hymn by James Monti

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