Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Revelation From a Nun in Purgatory

In November 1873, Sister M. de L. C. began hearing unwelcome prolonged sighs near her that continued until Feb. 15, 1874 when the source of the voice was revealed to her. At that time she heard the voice of a nun, Sister G., that had been her former companion until her death three years earlier at age 36. The deceased nun revealed that it was God's plan that relief of her sufferings and eventual deliverance from purgatory should be through Sr. M. de L. C..

The revelations to Sr. M. de L. C. were faithfully reported to her spiritual director who accepted the communications as genuine. Prominent priests and theologians declared there was nothing contrary to faith in the messages and that they could be of benefit to souls. They testified to Sr. M. de L. C.'s sound judgment and commonsense. As director of a boarding school, her pupils spoke of her as a saint and said that her words and actions impressed them more than any priests they knew and were a continuing source of inspiration to them.

An Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory contains the communications between the two nuns. The spiritual advice and information from the deceased nun can be of benefit to anyone seeking to please God and have a closer relationship with Him.

Sr. G., the decease nun said:

"No one can have a real understanding of the sufferings in Purgatory. No one thinks of them in the world. Even religious communities forget that they should pray for the poor souls and that they should inspire their pupils with this devotion."

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Christ's Solider said...

I pray thoughout the day, EVERY DAY for the Holy Souls.... I offer all of my Masses for them, and offer my morning prayers including them in my toils of the day. The St Michael prayer is also very powerful for these souls. If only more souls in exile would pray for them.... so that if we have to go there others would pray for us as well. It's 2 fold really ! The St Gerturde prayer is my favorite. Said almost every hour of my waking day. I Love these souls that God has spared ......