Saturday, November 28, 2009

Prayer to Our Lady of Montligeon

Our Lady Liberatrix,
have mercy on all our deceased loved ones,
especially those who are most in need of the Lord’s mercy.
Intercede for those who have left us,
and may the purifying love of God
lead them to full deliverance.
May our prayer, united with the prayer of the whole Church,
obtain for them joy beyond all their desires,
and bring consolation and relief to our loved ones in their suffering and distress.
Mother of the Church, help us, pilgrims on earth,
to make of our lives a time for our interior libreration
through our journey towards the Resurrection.
Heal the wounds of the heart and soul.
Help us to become witnesses to the Invisible,
seeking what the eye cannot see.
Grant us the grace of becoming apostles of Hope,
like watchmen awaiting the dawn.
Refuge of sinners and Queen of all saints,
gather us all, one day, in our Father’s house
for the eternal Easter. Amen

Our Lady of Montligeon, pray for our dear departed.

For an easy to read and interesting short history of the Shrine click here.

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